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We are Dedicated to Developing Professional Job Applications

Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds looking at a resume "before they make the initial 'fit or no fit' decision" on potential candidates.1 

It's essential to have a job application that makes your achievements stand out and showcases your human capital, the "skills, knowledge, and experience" which you can bring to an organisation (Oxford Dictionary). 


How We Can Help You

Our company can help you:

  • Develop an eye-catching resume which demonstrates your human capital and effectively presents your skills, competencies, experience and value.
  • Write a professional cover letter which highlights your achievements and shows employers how much you have to offer.
  • Write tailored selection criteria using language that employers are looking for. 
  • Provide a strong first impression to potential employers, whether via a LinkedIn profile, via email, in print, over the phone, or in-person.

After investing years working and studying, you deserve to have your skills and abilities professionally reflected in the best possible light. 


Our Experience

The Human Capital Development team have experience in developing job applications across numerous industries including:

  • Corporate Sector - Leading telecommunications firms, law firms, banks, insurance firms, marketing and public relations firms.
  • Public Sector - Federal, state and territory public servant and government staffer roles.
  • University Sector - Academic positions and student placements and internships.
  • Health Care Sector - Nurses and other healthcare professionals.
  • International Sector - Jobs and internships overseas.
  • NGO Sector - Charities and not-for-profits.



The fee for a Curriculum Vitae is dependent on professional background and experience:

  • Early-career professional with up to 2 years work experience - $199.
  • Professional with more than 2 years work experience up to middle management level - $299.
  • Senior manager - $399.
  • Senior executive - $499.


The fee for a cover letter is:

  • Early-career professional with up to 2 years work experience - $159. 
  • Professional with more than 2 years work experience up to middle management level - $199.
  • Senior manager - $249.
  • Senior executive - $299.

Prices are negotiable if you package this with a Curriculum Vitae.


The fee for selection criteria is:

  • Working with you to develop a new selection criteria response - $0.45 per word.
  • Editing your existing selection criteria - $0.30 per word.



Contact the Human Capital Development team today at info@humancapdev.com to have them create your personalised, professional job application.


Meet The Team

Colin - Director

Colin's career and experience spans people leadership and management, sales, marketing, consulting, facilitating, training and development roles over 25 years. This includes experience in both market-leading and challenger-brand companies, operating in competitive, demanding and complex industries domestically and internationally. Colin specialises in developing high-calibre leaders, people, managers, sales, business and healthcare professionals, and effective teams. He is values-driven, champions the importance of effective verbal and written communication, and is focused on achieving outcomes for his clients.

He is a graduate of Charles Sturt University where he achieved a Bachelor of Vocational Education and Training, with Distinction. He is a recipient of the CSU-TAFE Elizabeth-Anne Bailey Memorial Award for his work associated with the field of literacy/language education for adult learners. In addition, Colin holds a Diploma in Teaching, a NSW Teachers' Certificate, a Certificate in Business (Curtin University of Technology), and a Marketing Certificate (Australian Institute of Management).

Colin is an accredited trainer in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), 'Think On Your Feet®', Belbin® Team Roles, and the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBITM). Colin's skill set also involves well-developed Training Needs Analysis (TNA), curriculum development, instructional design, and sales and business coaching.


"Thanks so much for your help recently. I have more confidence that I have a chance at a Master's program because of your help.

Human Capital Development (HCD) created my CV for Master's program applications. They were quick in understanding exactly what the university was looking for and using what I had to match the criteria. HCD cleverly designed my CV and reflected who I was and what I had to offer. They were happy to hear feedback and work with what I wanted.

I would definitely recommend using HCD to set yourself apart from the rest."

Mary B - Curriculum Vitae, Master's Applications

"A friend recommended Human Capital Development when I told him of my troubles finding work. With high-quality service HCD was fast and responsive and the end product far exceeded a resume I could write myself. HCD applied their talents and I now have a quality CV that more accurately reflects my achievements and communicates them effectively to the reader. Thank you for applying your talents to my case and the high-quality service HCD. The job hunt will no doubt be smoother from here on in."

Zac T - Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile

"When I was notified by my immigration lawyer that I only had 6 weeks to find a sponsorship opportunity, I believed that it was impossible to find an employer who would be willing to sponsor me in such a short time. Colin reviewed and updated my CV and highlighted my skills and professional qualities. I was offered a sponsorship opportunity in 3 weeks time after I attended interviews from 3 different organisations!

"I want to thank Colin for his amazing work! The first impression is the most important when applying for jobs. Colin ensured that my CV was impressive enough to get me a sponsorship opportunity!

"I highly recommend Colin and HCD, especially if English is your second language and you are looking for sponsorship opportunities."

Maria T - Curriculum Vitae

"When I first started looking for jobs in a new sector, I tried my hand at writing my own resume. However, interviews with potential employers and recruiters left me deflated, as my CV was vague, obtuse, and not a true reflection on my career to date. I knew I needed help, so I contacted HCD. I quickly knew I had made the right choice.

"HCD went through my CV and then spent time asking me questions to better refine the CV's detail.

"When I got the finished product, I could not be happier. My CV was now clear, focussed and communicating my career in ways I never imagined. HCD particularly specialises in weaving the 'narrative' of your career through your CV, and highlighting your personal work achievements."

"HCD is a trusted and professional organisation that delivers for its clients. If you need CV assistance or just refinement, I strongly urge you, speak to HCD, you won't regret it!"

Tom W - Curriculum Vitae

"I would like to thank HCD for the time and effort spent on updating my CV, cover letter and helping me with selection criteria questions. I would highly reccommend HCD to anybody who is in need of CVs, cover letters or selection criteria."

Olivia C - Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter, Selection Criteria

"Thank you so much for sending through the updated CV, it's much more professional and sure to grab the attention of recruiters."

Teresa M - Curriculum Vitae

"I recently required a Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae for applications for a placement in order to complete my university degree as an engineer. This all came about very quickly, and I did not have any experience writing either of these documents. I was put in contact with HCD who were incredibly helpful, professional, thorough and not to mention quick at producing both my CV and Cover Letter. Their attention to detail, knowledge and quality of work thoroughly impressed me.

I would recommend HCD to anyone who requires a CV or Cover letter as he certainly knows how to make you stand out in all the right ways."

Joshua F - Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter

"Good morning, I just wanted to email you to thank you once again for your assistance in restructuring my resume and writing the selection criteria. I have just received an email to offer me an interview. Fingers crossed! I would (and will) recommend your services time and time again, what a fantastic business you run. I am so grateful, thank you!"

Lauren F - Curriculum Vitae, Selection Criteria

"I recently approached HCD for assistance with modifying my curriculum vitae to ensure it is suitable for law clerkship applications. HCD invested a significant amount of time in rearranging and reformulating the document I provided him to ensure it is best tailored to the positions I am applying for, providing effective advice on everything from formatting to the phrasing of substantive content. It is clear from my dealings with HCD that they have well-developed linguistic skills and an invaluable familiarity with personal development and recruitment procedures. They provided me with numerous tips and were always able to respond to any queries that I had in the process. The finished product is clear, concise and professional.

I am confident that I am in a much better position to approach the application process for law clerkships. I would definitely recommend Human Capital Development, to anyone seeking assistance with creating, editing and redesigning a curriculum vitae or other professional documents."

Leon R - Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter

"A few weeks ago I approached HCD to proofread my Master's Thesis. With English not being my first language, I really needed a good reviewer to edit my paper and take out all the grammatical errors. HCD did a great job. They read my thesis thoroughly in a few nights, and provided constructive feedback. What I really liked about his feedback is that he also explained why some things were wrongly formulated, and provided suggestions on how they should be written. During his editing he asked multiple times if I understood his comments, showing that he wanted to make sure his notes were useful. At the end his help improved the level of English of my report, and also improved my English skills.

Overall, I would recommend HCD to review your reports. He does it in detail, and provides good quality constructive feedback."

Caro M - Academic Editing

"Since having my CV redone by HCD, I have received a number of comments regarding what a well presented and thorough CV I have. Working in an industry where first impressions and professionalism matter greatly, I cannot overstate how important it has been for me to be able to communicate my intricate background in a clear and articulate document. A testament to your remarkable skill."

Shandon H - Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter

"HCD was instrumental in helping me with my essays throughout university. Whilst I was capable of formulating and writing my own, HCD was able to help with the editing process, which subsequently created a more cohesive and coherent paper. Like any busy uni student, I often left the completion of my essay to the last minute. Fortunately, HCD was always able to respond and help me within a quick turn-around period.

What I particularly liked about HCD helping me was the guidance and comments that he provided. This meant rather than just 'fixing' my essay, they were actually educating me on how to do a better editing job on my own for next time. I learnt a lot through HCD and am now a much better and more confident writer because of him. Thanks HCD!"

Ashleigh M - Academic Coaching, Academic Editing

"Commencing university for the first time at age 39 was incredibly daunting. My introduction to academic writing was bewildering and left me struggling to simply get pass marks in my first year of part time study. I received great advice that study, as in every skill, requires instruction and mentoring to show improvement. With that in mind I contacted Human Capital Development and spoke with HCD who took the time to look at my previous work and study skills to help change not only my writing, but also my preparation and research.

The very first essay I completed after just a couple of sessions with HCD resulted in my best result to date, a High Distinction, a far cry from scraping by with pass marks. The techniques and methods Human Capital Development have taught me not only resulted in better grades, but has also taken the fear and anxiety out of university work after not studying for more than 20 years!"

Brandon T - Academic Coaching, Academic Editing

"After taking a 2 year overseas sabbatical I was ready to re-immerse myself in the corporate world. With extensive experience in my field, I was looking to move into a different sector and started applying for numerous positions, sending out hundreds of CVs. I was confident that once I was in an interview situation I would be able to win over my potential employee and secure a suitable position, however I could not get my foot in the door.

I contacted Human Capital Development for help and I am so glad I did! HCD asked detailed questions about my experience and my aspirations, then armed with that information, they completely overhauled my CV. Not only did my CV now look much more professional, the way in which my strengths and experience were highlighted demonstrated my ability to apply that knowledge to a new field within my industry.

Needless to say, after submitting my new polished CV, I soon found myself on my new career path. Thank you HCD!"

Kaila C - Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter

"After a career in academia I found myself at the end of a contract and having to change careers. I applied for about 10 jobs in the NSW Public Service, not even getting an interview. I contacted Human Capital Development and they reworked my CV completely, refining it for a new target audience. Soon after that I got an interview and now I find myself fully employed again. I would recommend HCD for anyone who is trying to crack into another industry but is having trouble."

Steve C - Curriculum Vitae

"Working with Human Capital Development allowed me to improve my resume, making my skill set and experiences stand out from the crowd. As an expatriate, it was especially helpful to have someone who understands what Australian HR professionals are looking for when browsing through resumes. Using my newly improved resume I was able to land multiple interviews, which eventually led to two excellent job opportunities. I wouldn't have been in this position if it wasn't for the clarity that Human Capital brought to my resume. Thanks again!"

Heather W - Curriculum Vitae, Interview Coaching

"HCD edited a public service graduate application for me overnight. His knowledge of the industry compounded by his fluency of language enhanced my application to no end. I wholeheartedly recommend HCD's diligent services to anyone seeking to enhance their writing, and with it their confidence in an application."

Rachel F - Selection Criteria

"I was reasonably confident that my resume had been done well as a number of people had gone over it with me, including the career advisers at the university library. The thing was, I wasn't getting many callbacks. At first I thought it was because my marks weren't spectacular. As I began being coached by HCD from the resume to cover letter to phone interview, to group and one-on-one interviews, I noticed that I was actually getting called back!

Long story short, with a GPA below 3.0, I received two graduate offers and one entry level offer at financial services and consulting firms. I am now happily engaged with one of the graduate roles earning a competitive salary plus phone, laptop and car - they are also paying for relevant postgraduate studies worth close to $30,000 over the two years.

I can wholeheartedly recommend HCD to anyone seeking a graduate position as I am proof that his professional development works."

Jeremy P - Curriculum Vitae, Selection Criteria, Cover Letter, Interview Coaching

"I just wanted to thank you for your help with my resume. You showed me some great ways to re-work my resume to be concise, yet clearly showcase my capabilities and skills to appeal to potential employers. After months of looking for work I found I wasn't getting much interest at all, but after taking on your advice I immediately started to receive call backs and interviews. I owe it to you and your help for finally having a resume that put me forward in the best possible way. As a result I ended up being offered TWO jobs from top tier banks - I know I wouldn't have had that choice if it weren't for my resume! Thanks again."

Spencer F - Curriculum Vitae

"I am very pleased with the expertise Colin provided in developing my CV. They were able to recreate all that I desired to communicate in a much clearer, more concise and professional manner than I previously had done on my own. Colin was able to reformat the CV to represent me accurately and in the best possible light. In addition, their expertise and talent gave me an enormous boost of confidence during the process of job hunting. This was a great benefit in itself particularly with regard to interviews.

In short, I highly recommend those who are curious to improve their CV (particularly due to major career moves) to seek expert consultants. Seeking Colin's help was one of the best decisions I've made."

Meili Y - Curriculum Vitae, Interview Coaching

"I found Human Capital Development to be very professional and easy to work with. They showed me how to set out my resume to highlight my professional skills and experience in order to stand out from the crowd. Thanks to Human Capital Development I have been able to land a great job and have recommended them to friends."

Marc L - Curriculum Vitae

"Thank you to Human Capital Development for the professional service you provided in sharpening and tightly honing my CV. Your services enabled me to apply for and secure a dream graduate role with (leading IT company) here in Melbourne. The quality of the work and execution is second to none her. I can confidently say that Human Capital Development's work allowed for my prospective employer and recruitment team to better understand me as a candidate and what skills I could bring to the team.

"It is one thing to have a list of qualifications and employment history - what any standard CV essentially is. It is quite another to have a CV which adequately and in detail describes why and how your qualifications and job history matter, and in turn what that means to anyone reading your CV - as that is often the difference between a great candidate on paper and a great candidate that gets the job. For someone who is seeking their first graduate role like me or someone who is looking for a change of career; it never hurts to tighten that information which best sells you to an employer - the CV.

"I cannot recommend Human Capital Development enough. I really appreciate the work that was put into my CV and the time that was taken to understand me as a candidate so as to better emphasise my skills on paper."

Damien L - Curriculum Vitae

"When HCD edited my Psychology Honours Thesis I was so impressed with not only how swift the feedback was, but how professional and detailed it was. It was clear that HCD spent many hours thoroughly editing my work. His comments were clear and his corrections were invaluable. I wasn't sure if I'd make First Class Honours due to some poor subject results. It was all hanging on what mark I would receive for my thesis. After amending my thesis according to HCD's edit, I obtained a High Distinction for my thesis and therefore First Class Honours. I know I have HCD to thank for such a high grade."

Natalie P - Academic Editing

"You were exceptionally observant and effectively integrated my past experience and skills into my resume. Moreover, as I was looking for a job in the public service you were able to write my resume towards the type of job I was looking for and able to format the resume to suit my needs. It was only once I began forwarding my resume to job applications that I realised the effectiveness of a professionally written resume. I am excited about my new career in Canberra all thanks to you."

Mitchell B - Curriculum Vitae